Sir Snuggles and The Dragon

The golden sun shined through the mouth of my cave as I opened my eyes. I hopped off my stuffed animal hoard and stretched my wings, spreading my claws on the rocky surface beneath me.

"Good morning Sir Snuggles," I said to my favorite teddy bear, "How did you sleep?"

"Very good, I had a most wonderful dream."

"Me too! What was yours about?"


"Mmh Delicoius. I think we should have cake for breakfast. What do you think?"

"I think that would be lovely."

I tugged off my fuzzy blue PJs and walked to the cabinet. When I looked inside, I was shocked!

"Oh no! Sir Suggles, we ate all the cake yesterday!"

"So, let's fly to the bakery to get some more!"

"You're right Sir Snuggles. Let's go!" I strapped Sir Snuggles onto my back, his purple fur warm against my scaly green skin, and we leaped out of the cave and into the air.

As we flew through fluffy clouds, I said, "Sir Snuggles, even though I only found you last Tuesday, You're my best friend." I felt him hug my spine as we soared toward the town at the base of my mountain home. When we landed, everyone was pleased to see us. The townspeople started screaming to show their appreciation and quickly moved to the side so we could pass.

"Good morning townspeople!" I said to the crowd, "Lovely day."

I stuck my head into the bakery door and asked for 20 carrot cakes. The baker ran to the back of the shop to complete my order. They have wonderful service. It only took 10 minutes for the red-faced baker to return with a cart filled with the ordered goodies. "Thank you! I said, placing a sack of coins in his hands, "Keep the change."

As I walked through the town finishing the last cake, I saw a little girl with bright red hair twisted into two braids that fell at her waist. She was sitting on the fountain in the middle of the town square, bawling into her hands. I approached her and bent down, looking her in the eyes. She looked up and let out a little yell.

She stuttered, "D-d-dragon!"

"A dragon! Where?"

"Y-you're a dragon!"

"I am?"

"Aren't you?"

"Well my parents were so I supose I could be..." I trailed off, "but dragons are supposed to be mean and scary. I'm not mean or scary."

"You're a little scary but you don't seem mean." She replied.

"Huh. So I guess I'm a dragon. A nice dragon."

She smiled up at me. "I guess you are!"

"What's your name?"

She sniffed, "Elsie."

"Why were you crying Elsie?"

"Well, I've lost my favorite bear. He has purple fur and has blue buttons for eyes. I've been looking for him since last Tuesday. I really miss him."

I asked, "Did he like cake?"

"It was his favorite." She said tearfully.

This little girl is so sad! I thought. Maybe I should give him back. After all, He belongs to Elsie, and she'll keep him safe. With that, I unstrapped Sir Snuggles from my back and gave him to the little girl.

She looked up at me and asked, "Where did you find him?"

"He was sitting at this very fountain last Tuesday when I came down to the village. He looked lonely so I decided I should take him back to my cave so we could be friends."

"Well thanks for bringing him back." replied Elsie, "Maybe we can be friends?"

"A real life friend? I've never had one of those before!"

"Well, now you do!" She rushed over and hugged me. Even though her little arms barely fit around my neck, it was the biggest hug I'd ever had.

"Would you like a ride?"

We flew back to my cave, and with Elsie and Sir Snuggles's help, we packed my hoard of stuffed animals into a bag and delivered them to their rightful owners.

Elsie asked me, "Are you sad to leave all your stuffed animal friends?"

"No. I have a real friend now. And she's pretty great."

"You're pretty great too." she smiled, "Do you want to come over tomorrow and get some cake?"

"That would be lovely."

Molly Silvia


15 years old

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