The Storm Inside

Before the storm,

I see the darkness,

an ominous silhouette on the horizon.

I feel the wind, making the trees sway from side to side,

a gusty swoop of exhilaration.

 A Phoebe bird in a willow tree, as the storm ruffles her soft feathers. 


The storm is outside, but it is inside of me-

the thrill of lightning, the rumble of thunder.

I step, barefooted into the soft grass, surrounded by trees.

I feel the wind blow my hair behind me, 

feel the first drops of rain coming down, as I raise my hands to meet them.

The lightning is reflected in my eyes, 

the thunder in my heartbeat, my words.

Because in every seemingly perfect sunny day, 

there is a storm waiting to show the world its worth.





14 years old

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