Tarragona as the muse

I'm told to write what I know 
so here is what I know:
I was scared of the man on the train, the one
snorting lines between the cars.
I was scared he would lose his mind
walk out
and make a tear through my heart 
neither stitches nor therapy could heal
and I am terrified that I think that is believable 
that something like that could happen to me 
because why not
and I am terrified that something as simple
and stupid as a man 
has the power 
to send me back home 
in a box
and I hate that the country I live in
(the one I'm no longer proud to call myself
a citizen of)
has made me think it's entirely possible 
because when the man on the train
reached deep into his jacket
instead of looking out the window
at the Mediterranean coast 
I thought of what my next actions would be
if he pulled out a gun. 



16 years old

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