17 years old


  • untitled #2

    i am learning to live without the idea of you

    and i am trying to fill up the empty cave 

    in my head, the one you created when you 

    fell to the ground and pulled me down with you. 


  • And So I Refrain

    she talks to me about the paper snowflakes she plans to make this weekend, and so i refrain from telling her that my bedroom has been decorated since the day after thanksgiving. 

  • to be a person.


    i feel like time is dragging me along by the hand

    the way a mother tugs her child to preschool/

    but instead of kicking and flailing and screaming

    i am numb to the days that pass
  • unnamed

    note: i wrote this really quickly for a writing sprint in this summer program i'm doing online. we were given a list of words and then chose to write whatever we wanted while including all of the words.
  • After "How To Be a Person"

    I wrote this for an assignment in my English class. We listened to a spoken word poem, "How To Be a Person" by Shane Koyczan, and the assignment was to write a 5-stanza poem inspired by it, about how we can be better people this year.