note: i wrote this really quickly for a writing sprint in this summer program i'm doing online. we were given a list of words and then chose to write whatever we wanted while including all of the words. it's a really fun exercise i recommend for anyone who might have writer's block, or just for fun!

i like to imagine you as a galaxy. i like to think i will never be able to explore the depths of you partially because of who i am but also because you are like the earth in that i know you so well but still not at all. i like to imagine that we together are inexplicable but in reality we are just strangers because i have never made an effort to burrow inside your bones. i like to burrow; it’s a habit of mine. just as i hide inside my fingers and my heart i want to hide inside of the ramshackle thoughts of you that constantly cloud my head. i once said you look opulent in the husky periwinkle light. maybe i was wrong. maybe i do not know you well enough (maybe i do not know you at all) and you do not embody the future. because while my breath deteriorates inside my lungs i try to convince myself that i am better that i am worth more but why am i worth more than another person. i want to trace the curve of your shoulder blade and i want to grasp and crush your heart both at the same time. i hope you never know what wanting feels like. 



17 years old

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  • untitled #2

    i am learning to live without the idea of you

    and i am trying to fill up the empty cave 

    in my head, the one you created when you 

    fell to the ground and pulled me down with you. 


  • And So I Refrain

    she talks to me about the paper snowflakes she plans to make this weekend, and so i refrain from telling her that my bedroom has been decorated since the day after thanksgiving.