14 years old


  • Star

    I’m a star

    I’ll travel millions of miles

    Just to see you

    Just to give you a little light

    A little hope in this hopeless world


    One day

    I’ll be an asteroid

    And I’ll fall from the sky

  • She Is

    Inspired By My Own Book Series

    She is a firebird

    Rising from the ashes

    Picking herself up in the darkness

    Holding hope in her talons


    She is glass

    Stable and transparent

  • Toxins

    Inspired By My Own Book Series

    You left long ago

    Yet your words still linger

    Like a gaping wound

    That never heals


    Will I ever learn

    To expunge the toxins in my veins

  • The Sunset

    I watch the sunset

    Its beauty stealing my breath

    Leaving an orange glow on its surroundings

    Leaving a little hope for the ones who seek it

    The ones who succumb to the darkness

    The ones craving warmth and beauty