Text messages I'd never have the guts to send

I haven't seen you in a while
How are you doing
I don't think we ever really talkedWe talked so much
We used to talk every dayIt wasn't anything important thoughYou still don't know why I did what I didIt's fine
I don't mind You seem so happy now
You're happy right??YeahMe too
Do you forgive me thoughUmm I was never mad
You just left
Like it's fine
I have friends
you do too, it's all goodI guess so but I
miss youOh
I'm not your ex or anything lol
We were justGod I knowfriends
like two years agoI know
but i feel bad now
why did i leave??Have you seen me lately
I'm really happy
I literally don't mind
And we're still sorta friends anywayUh huh
I'm glad you're all good...mostly
Aren't you?eh 
I meanIs something going on??
You never talk to me in school and now ur randomly texting meI can stop
Your friends are probably texting you too rnNot really
Yours? Not reallyOhYeahLook im sorry I've been ignoring you
It was you who did that
at first, but I never wanted to
do you not want to now??gosh i never wanted to
tbh i'm just lying in bed right now regretting everythingWell why did you
do what you did?I thought I needed something new
That I'd be better off somewhere elseWell are you?NoOhAnd are you okay?
Without me as your best friend?I try to beBut are you?No



13 years old

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