Trying to get over writer's block

I cannot write
That is called a blockage
It's also hard to speak right now and 
That is called a talkage
I wished upon a star last night
That's what I'd call hope
And then watched it burst into flame
I think your God said nope



18 years old

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  • 1893

    It was just a fluke that I happened to see

    The ghost of a girl in 1893

    I didn't think much of her, tried to ignore

    But then she came 'round in 1894

    A spirit was not something that I had wanted

  • Papercuts

    Did you know that, when you wrote me, I was made of papercuts

    That I was ink and glue and wax but mostly, I was papercuts

    Did you know that, when you read me, I am made of memories