[By Thisbe McMichael, Killington Elementary School] Vespae had something to do with wasps. She could speak to the bugs. Vespae even had little shiny wings. No one knew about them but her, of course. She had discovered her similarity to wasps when she was seven years old. Once, when she was walking around town, she was lured into a car. When she realized that she was being kidnapped, she screamed for help. Nobody heard, except for a nearby hive of wasps. The wasp had flown through the sunroof of the car, and started stinging the driver and his assistant, but not Vespae. It was instinct that led her to flap the wings that she didn’t know she had. She had escaped out the sunroof. Later that day, she walked up to a wasp and whispered “thank you,” then the wasp flew onto her hand and didn’t sting her. It said, “Any time,” Her jaw dropped, and she fled.

[Story by Thisbe McMichael, 11, Killington, submittted by Allison Gormly, Killington Elementary School]

Posted in response to the challenge Spiders.



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