Weekly Challenges

Spider web



Develop a character who has a special bond with things that people are commonly afraid of, such as spiders, snakes, clowns, thunder. You might want to explore the origin story of this bond and where it leads the character. Or you might want to write an empathetic ode to spiders and snakes. Go wherever this challenge takes you. [Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash]


  • Wasps

    [By Thisbe McMichael, Killington Elementary School] Vespae had something to do with wasps. She could speak to the bugs. Vespae even had little shiny wings. No one knew about them but her, of course.

  • The Tree & The Wormlet

    The soil gently shifted around the straw thin roots of the sprouting pine. Up, down, left, right, as a wormlet wiggled by. But as they passed, their tough roots, their fragile skin brushed against each other, like a brush stroke on a canvas.

  • Scorpio and Scorpions

    Hello, my name is Morticia. I live in Chill Hollow, on the outskirts of Nebraska. I am twelve years old. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. I live with my two parents, little sister and pets. Normal right… Not me.