Ways to Describe a Poet

  1. Word Twister/
  2. Painter/
  3. Photographer/
  4. Tongue Twisters/
  5. A brush with so many colors/
  6. Mind Bogglers/ 
  7. Collage of Ideas/
  8.  Rainbows/
  9. Stained Glass/
  10. Ripples in the water/
  11. Petals of a flower/
  12. Fur of a dog/
  13. Damp grass with a morning dew/
  14. A ray of sunshine/ 
  15. The lips of the Mona Lisa/
  16. The smell of an open bag of Lays/
  17. The eyes of a black cat at midnight.

Posted in response to the challenge Danez Smith.



13 years old

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