winter and her freezing grasp

winter wages her war outside
angrily beating her ice-hands on my doors
thrashing branches she sends through the air, 
a flurry of soft snow not far behind
she screams her wind-scream, rage filling the storm.

yet i hear what no mortal could hear
in the branches, in the storm
in her screaming wind, in her freezing ice,
i hear the cry of loneliness.

i sit at the window, safe from her wrath
i blow her a kiss, she snatches it away
i laugh, she thunders

slowly i put on my coat
my hat, my gloves and boots.
never do i forget my scarf.

and so into the storm i go
out into her freezing embrace
she welcomes me
and we walk away together

and i plant a freezing kiss upon her brow
she smiles so sweetly, as my blood runs cold.
yet i do not die

only then do i reveal
my lightning eyes



14 years old

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    if all you do is wear a mask,
    you become a mask.

    your individuality drains away,
    and you become a shadow of others.

    yourself is an illusion
    you are only a copy.