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Sep 27

What the...

A cover letter, to be shamelessly facetious, is a "letter" you use as a "cover" for your resume. Simply put, it’s an introduction; an opportunity to break the ice before the employer digs into your resume.
For this XP, imagine that you’re an employer looking to find someone to fill a position. You know that the applicants’ resumes will tell you about their work history, accomplishments, and education, but you want to know a bit more before deciding who to invite in for an interview.
As an employer, what do you want to know? What would help convince you to invite someone in for an interview? What would be too much information? It may help to imagine that you work for a specific organization or company. Get into the role. What do you need or want to know?
Jot down a paragraph or two (or a detailed list) of what you would want to hear from your applicants—you’re the boss!

Feedback: Reply to at least one other person. Are you confused about what they listed? Surprised?
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