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Sep 28

Final Activity

For this activity you'll have some freedom to apply your new knowledge and skills in a way that appeals to you. We'll give you some ideas to use as a jumping off point, but the content is all up to you.

  • Write a story with a soundtrack: Upload your song to your post, to get your reader in the right frame of mind for your story.
  • Incorporate sound effects: Upload a single sound effect, or a recording of a few effects, that go along with your story. Point out to the reader when they should play the audio file.
  • Record yourself performing/reciting a story, speech, or poem you've written.
  • Combine these ideas: Record yourself reading a story, with a soundtrack and/or sound effects! Like a podcast or a radio story.
While you're creating your new sound story, think about how the sound or sounds you are using effect the story for the reader.

Post what you come up with here!