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Write your own fable. Keep it short, but include the essential ingredients (non-human characters, conflict that leads to a moral, etc.)
Essential ingredients
1: Your moral. What message are you trying to tell? What wrong are you trying to right?
2: Your characters. Who are they? What are they?
3: What conflict arises?
4: What setting are you in? (You don't always need to describe it, unless it is relevant to the plot.)

There are certain aspects that all fables have in common:
1: The characters are non-human, or at the least the non-human characters are anthropomorphized.
2: The story ends with a moral, usually written as a statement at the end of the story.
3: The problem must lead to the moral, not be an extra story or a useless part of it.
4: Fables tend to be short and not very descriptive. They stick to the action and progress to the moral directly.
5: If you're having trouble finding an angle, look through this list of morals and pick one (without having read the fable it relates to). 

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