Workshop > Bonus: Expand Your Idea
Oct 05

Bonus: Expand Your Idea

This XP is great opportunity to test your your skills in some other storytelling areas. Take a look at the feedback you've received, and ponder some of your own ideas since completing your fable in the previous XP.

How could you take this story to the next level?

Some classic ideas:
Add illustrations of your characters, setting, or pivotal moments in the story.
Record yourself reading the fable, to contribute to the oral tradition.
Create a soundtrack to accompany your fable.

Some other ideas:
Turn your story into a lyric poem--make it rhyme or follow a distinct rhythm.
Create a comic or graphic novel from your fable.
Take and arrange a series of photos to illustrate your story.
Paint, sculpt, or otherwise create a rendition of your character(s).

What else could you do to bring your story to life?

Post what you come up with as a response to this XP.