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Oct 15

The Interview

Before you conduct your interview, take a few minutes with this video.

It’s an amazing experience to interview people, to have the liberty to drop into their life and ask all kinds of questions. Relax and enjoy the ride. Your interview subject will sense your mood and know if you’re honestly interested in the interview and they will respond to it, giving you a richer interview.

Tip 6: Have the right tools. You'll need a legible list of your questions, a notepad, pen, a recorder (even if the interview is for print only; it serves as a quote checker), and other tools such as a camera, video camera etc.

Tip 7: Be conversational and have fun. The best interviews are easy conversations. Make your subject comfortable; do a little warming up, give the person a heads-up about what you plan to talk about. If you're at ease, your subject will be at ease.

Tip 8: Listen and respond! Don’t just read off the questions without engaging with the subject. And don’t be afraid to go off-script. An answer can lead to more questions and better and bigger stories. LISTEN carefully to the answers and springboard from there. Be aware of unexpected turns interviews can take, and be ready to respond with more questions that can lead to a deeper story.

Tip 9: Dig for details. Seek the story behind vague generalities. The quickest way is to ask: Could you be specific? Could you give me an example? Don't be afraid to ask tough questions. It can be uncomfortable, but often those questions are critical to the story. You have committed to getting the story, so follow through.

Activity: You've picked someone you would enjoy interviewing, and you've done your research. Now it's time to conduct your interview. In your response to this XP, take a minute to record any questions or insights you have about the interview. Anything funny or surprising, disappointing or frustrating happen? Share it here. And move on quickly to the next stage of this Playlist.