Oct 11
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On this black night I woke up to a sound. It was a scratching on the wall. Silently I crept out of bed to the door. I opened it as quietly as I could, but there was nothing behind the door or in the hall. Then came another scratching from downstairs, like nails on a chalkboard.

 As I went down the hall I noticed big scratches on the bathroom door. Someone or something had been there. I snuck quietly downstairs, and yes there were scratches down there to, this time on the refrigerator door. Then I heard another scratch that came from outside. I run to the closet and grab my sneakers, and my fleece.

I reach for the door and realize it’s open and that it’s wide open. There are scratch marks all over the wood, handle, and the deadbolt. I run outside into the cold air and see something move between the trees and see the body shape of a dog. The figure comes out of the woods and stand right in front of me I don’t dare move. We just keep staring at each other and i realize how blue his eyes are, like the ocean.

Then I see another wolf then there’s three, and soon enough there’s a whole pack. With their beady blue eyes just staring at me. One of them moves one foot towards me. I run inside and lock the door and sit down behind it. I hear the sound of paws hitting the ground as the wolves run away. My parents must have heard the door slam because I can hear them coming down the stairs. “What happened!?!” My mother scolds. “Nothing,” I say as a smirk  unfolds across my face. I am never doing that again.
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