Oct 13
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You Know It's Worth It

It starts when there’s a gunshot and your move your legs in a fast motion to get ahead of the crowd and to get a good position. You know this course inside and out. You know what will lie ahead but you know the ultimate challenge will be your mind. So you drive your legs and pump your arms with all that you have. You know how badly you want it. You push up those hills even though they hurt, and you try ever so harder down those hills, cause you know that the downhill is not a break, but an opportunity to go faster.

So there you are breathing hard, feeling all of your muscles exhausted but yet the worse part is about to come. It’s when your mind takes over. Your mind tells you to slow down, your mind tells you to stop, it gives you these funny ideas that it is okay to give up when in reality that it is not okay.It is not alright.

You tell yourself, “ I am not giving up, I have worked to hard to give up. I will not give up!”.

You have earned this physical pain. The pain in your lungs, your arms, your legs. You know that this is what it will take to satisfy you at the end. So you enjoy the lovely pain.So you push with the pain, up and down the trails, hoping your lead will be enough. Hoping you will succeed the goal you have had since the start.

You eventually see it and you know that this is what you have been waiting for. You turn up the heat, and you give everything left that you have. Then you are there. All of the pain is now subsiding as you lay down, gasping for air. There is a happiness in your heart though because you did it. You overcame your pain, you overcame the mind that tried to cause failure to your goal. You laughed at both of them and said to yourself, “I told you that it would be worth it!”.
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