Oct 19
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The Wonders of Winter

The morning was fringed and crisp. No leaves on the trees, no grass on the ground. No sun in the sky, only light from the ground. Sparkling and shining light and fluffy yet quick to turn others away by the unexpectedness slight pain at a touch. Finally the man in the red hat and the last green tree all lit up and glowing waiting to be taken down. It was here at last. Winter. As beautiful as it is, it can still be deadly with its whirling winds and screeching storms, but the worst of all was the insane ice. These ice storms could sneak up on you in a second and you would never have seen it coming. The three of these natural disasters can hold you in your house unwillingly, make you fall, freeze, and crash. They bring pain and joyfulness to our world. The good part of this wondrous time of the year is the sights, and the movement of the ice, snow, and water. So many amazing things great to look at but not always pleasant to be in, all in a few months of every year forever coming, time, after time, after time.

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