Oct 19
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It all started with the mysterious laugh on the roof. I went outside, but there was nothing. I looked back at the moon and something swooshed by it and back into the night sky, disappearing as fast as it had come. I thought I was just seeing things and went to bed. The next morning, a peculiar thing was sitting on the doorstep. A black cat was sitting next to a black pointy hat. I had never seen either of these items in my life, ever. So how come they were on my doorstep? I shrugged it off and continued on my way to the store to buy some cereal.

I drove into the parking lot and what did I see in the parking space next to me? A broom! I was worried now. Curious to what was going on, but also worried. I kept walking and finally got to the store only to hear the most peculiar conversation. An old woman was arguing with the store manager for not having eye of newt in the store. She said that all of the best stores had it. This made me go crazy. Was I losing my mind, or was I being haunted by a witch? I drove straight to the hospital, and this is where I am now telling you all this.

“ Am I crazy doctor?”

“No,  just overtired,” he answered “Go home and get some rest. You look tired. Here is a prescription for some stress medicine. If these hallucinations get worse or don’t go away, contact me immediately.”  

“ Doctor I’m pretty sure I saw what I saw. You gotta’ believe me! Do you?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t. You are very tired and need rest. Go home.” I walked out of the hospital after I got my prescription and headed to my car. I was stunned. Right next to my car was the same old lady from the store. holding the same cat and black pointy hat from my doorstep, and riding the same broom from the parking lot at the store. It took a second for my eyes to take in what they were seeing and just like that the witch vanished. Am I crazy? I hope not. I told myself, I’m just overtired.