Oct 19
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Winter tale

Cold winter air rushing in through the window. I close it and gaze outside. A snow covered roof. Like a white blanket laying over the land. I put on my jacket and gloves and rush outside. It was a dim grey outside and the sun was just barely shining. I look up at the clouds and see all the tiny white snowflakes falling from the sky, they moved so perfectly as if they were dancers. I look at my pine tree. The green needles covered in a light layer of snow. I take off my glove, and a snowflake lands on my palm. It melts away fast, leaving a tiny droplet on my hand. The ground is slippery and icy. There was only one tire track in the road. It was snow covered it was probably from about an hour before. The wind, it blows down my back chilling my spine.  Above a white dove flies over. I watch it soar. It lands on a tree and disappears. There is a distant sound of a dog barking, and a little paw trail in the snow. I lie down in the snow. It is cold on my body. The snowflakes falling land on my face. I sigh and get up. The snow sticks to my pajama pants and goes down my boots, chilling my feet. I walk to my front door and gaze back before I step into the warmth.
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