Workshop > Phone Call
Oct 19

Phone Call

Similar to the first XP in this Playlist, this one invites you to do a bit of eavesdropping. This time, rather than finding a dialogue to listen to, keep your ears out for someone talking on the phone. Only being able to hear one side of the conversation can really get your imagination going. The trick is to follow whatever path your mind wanders down.

Listen for a few lines of conversation from someone talking on a phone and jot them down. Next, try to imagine what the other side of the conversation might be. For a challenge, try to come up with the most ridiculous, wild, fantastic conversation that could have been happening, while still using the words that you heard one person saying.

Jot down your snippets and conversation ideas as a response to this XP. Feel free to come up with multiple interpretations of a single conversation, or to skip over a conversation that doesn't get your imagination going. Post a couple to come back to later!