Oct 19
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A child enveloped in firm flakes smiles softly at the drip, drip of an overhead ice crystal.  She is visible only by a golden garage light spilling into the worn snow banks. It's hovering around the child's bedtime and the moon has long since replaced the sun among the stirring sky. Snowflakes tickle her rosy nose before drifting among the asphalt's icy coat. A door opens from afar sending the child jumping up and off the snowbanks, the promise of play hovering close. With the shake of a head and scrape of a shovel, she hops up on the bank slightly defeated. She dances faster and faster accenting the steady beat of the shovel thumping. The snow is falling in earnest now and the snowflakes blurring into lines. She's tired, but she's waiting. Clumps of snow turn into heart sculptures as the knuckles of her gloves rotate in the top of a ball who's brown color is hidden in the distant light. "How much longer until they get here" she enquires, to no certain answer. More stars have joined the moon however she will stay. Brown soup lines the finished pieces of driveway, much less pretty she observes. Her boots splash among the icy water, pushing it side to side in an impatient dance. The window begins to look inviting. The shovel stops with a withering sigh, retired for the night. The child jumps up flinging bits of snow, spotting two circles moving among the trees. They're here! An icy car with thick set tires drives cautiously among the recently shoveled driveway, wheels grinding the jagged ice. The child runs inside to deliver the news. "They're here, they're here" she shouts pulling off her snow gear with haste. The remaining snow turns to water as the door opens spilling winter into the house. The child melts into her grandparent's arms, the warmth of love ebbing away the cold of winter.