Oct 21
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what is winter really?

What is winter really?

Is it holidays and treats?

Is it family and friends?

Can it be both?

Is there something more?

Yes, there is something more. What is it?

Respect? Education? Color?

Have you ever actually noticed the snow?

Is it really a warm blanket protecting plants and animals?

Are you the bear thinking you know what is happening - hibernating, becoming cozy, just waiting for something “new” to happen?

Are you the wolf, ready to see what is happening, taking risks, and being playful?

Are you the fern, going with the flow?

Are you the grass, covered by a warm protection?

Are you the rabbit, ready for anything?

Are you the fox, strong and brave?

Are you the pine, tall and tough?

Are you the leaves, that dance their own way?

Are you a person, ready for an adventure?

Or are you life, are you all of these things?