Oct 26
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The Incident

I was walking with my friends, Sofia and Cindy, down Main Street. We were talking about the school dance this Halloween. 
"So Ashley, who are you going to the dance with?" Asked Sofia. 
"Me, myself, and I. What about you Cindy?" I said
"I'm going with Carson." Cindy replied. 
 Uh oh. Something's wrong with me....
"How on earth did you get a date and I didn't?" Asked Sofia. 
I can't see straight. 
"Simple. I didn't wait for him to ask me." Cindy said. 
I had a headache before, but now it's a lot worse. 
"What?? You asked him first?? That has to be breaking some sort of law or something..." Sofia said. 
I'm gettting dizzy. 
"Of course I asked him first. I don't have time to wait around for some guy to ask me out. I have a schedule people!! Besides, I'm only using him to get me into the dance for free." Said Cindy. 
The ground is moving... it's like I'm on a carousel but the whole world is spinning... I stop walking for a second. 
"What? How could you... Oh my gosh, Ashley are you ok?" Said Sofia. 
That was the last thing that I heard before I fell to the ground. At first everything was blurry and brighter than ever before, and then it all went dark.