Oct 26
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The Lights That Worry Me

“Zoe! You’re going to be late!” 
I was rushing. The bus was here I was just eating breakfast. As I hurry to get money and put on clothes, the bus starts to leave. I run outside and run after the bus. But I’m to slow. The bus leaves without me for the 10th time in a row. New record. I’ve been practicing my running so I start to run. When I get to the middle of town, at 7:26 am, I start to see it. The lights in front of me. Blue and purple and everywhere. Bouncing off the buildings, shining light on multiple people. And it looks like I’m the only one who sees it. It lasts for 10 seconds. Then it's gone. I run to my classroom, just before the bell rings. No one looks at me. They already know I just made it. I take my seat in the back far right of the classroom. I wonder why no one’s talking. Then I hear the faint noise of a deep voice. 
“Today at 7:46 am, a young man was shot and killed. Onlookers report that the whole scene lasted for 10 seconds and that the man was immediately killed. The killer looked like a 12 year old girl with brown and pink hair, is about 5.7 feet and has blue eyes...”
10 seconds. 7:26 am. 12 year old girl. Brown and pink hair. 5.7 feet. Blue eyes. 
How many people look like me? And then it happened again. The time reads 8:00 am. The blue and purple lights try to leave the classroom, but are stopped by the closed door and windows. They bounce off of my classmates, catching each one’s eyes. This time, someone else saw it too. Jake, a boy that when raking his hair with his fingers, made very girl stop and stare in awe. His brown hair and blue eyes makes every girl fall for him. This episode lasts for almost a minute. When the blue and purple lights have faded, Jake turns towards me and stares. Not bothering to blink, he mouths to me, oh my gosh. I just sit there, mouth wide open. 
After lunch, I go to my next class and find them listening to the radio, the same deep voice is talking.
“Today at 8:00 am, a woman was murdered in her home. Security cameras find that she was stabbed and beaten repeatedly before finally dying at 8:01 am. The intruders look like a 12 year old girl with brown and pink hair, about 5.7 feet and has blue eyes, and a 12 year old boy with brown hair, about 5.9 feet and has brown eyes.”
This is starting to get weird. This boy sounds just like Jake. This can’t be happening. Then, I put it together. The blue and purple lights take us to a victim so we can kill them. Jake and I are murderers.  

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