Oct 28
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A day in the arctic wind is like being in a freezer for a day.

I was born and raised in the arctic. My name is Elizabeth, me and my mom live in a big town in the arctic. When I was a baby my dad got lost at sea on a big fishing trip. He worked with a huge fish company called Speers. Mom has shown pictures of him to me but I really never new him but I still think of him.

On a somewhat sunny morning i woke up to the smell of mom's famous sausage and egg breakfast. I scrambled out of bed and plopped down the stairs. When i got down stairs i saw the table was set and the food was all dune and set on the table. Mom turned around with her coffee in her hand. She sat down and said “Its suppose to be a nice day today”. “I'll see if John wants to play”. I said eating at the same time.

After i got doun eating i got dressed put on my coat and ran to John's house. John is my friend that live right next to use and we've been friends cents 1st grade. When i got there i stepped on the porch and knocked on the cold frosty door. I could hear a person twisting the door nood numerous of times then the door swung open. “Hi”. John said. It was getting to be the afternoon and the way the sun was I could barely see John.”Hi, my mom said i had to get some air and that it was going to be a nice day so, do you want to play”. I said. “Sure let's go”.

Me and John walked for a long time. It was getting late but John said he wanted to show me something. We entered town and I saw the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. It was the northern lights. I felt as if i was the only one in the world. I felt as if the “Sky was my home”.   
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