Oct 28
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One dark night in New York city the power went off it was pitch black. You could see flashlights in the window. Some people were going to restaurants and  the power went off. It was weird that the power went off because there was not many  trees to fall over and break a power line.

    A tree actually fell over in the park and hit a power line. The election  guys came to fix it they had truk that there was a bucket that you could stand on fix the power line. As they fixed that New York City was black. As they fixed that some hotels have generators so some lights went on. It took about 2 hours to fix the power line but they.

    As the power came back on the whole New York City was lighting up so bright . It was so  bright out like there was never lights befor . The hotles lights went on the street light everything went on.It was almost chismas so chismas lights were on. The park lit up everything lit up. The next day the power was on everyone was happy.

    The next day this guy started emailing everyone so he could start a flash mob. If you don't know what a flash mob it is its when someone ether text or email someone to be somewhere at a certain  time and place and some music will turn on and people will start dancing. This guy went to the park and the music started. People came over everyone started dancing. People were filming them dancing.

    After everything was over people were glad that everything was still working the power was still on.That night people had their light on a were happy.
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