Oct 28
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The house was dead quiet when I woke up.  I expected I was the only one awake, I wasn’t.  I walked down stairs and noticed my entire family sitting on the couch, except for my oldest sister, Olivia.  I scanned the room until my mom offered me a seat next to her. I sat down inbetween my mom and my youngest brother named Will. I reached for the remote, so I could turn on the morning news, which we always watched as a family.

But as I picked it up off the coffee table in the middle of the living room one of my sisters, Hannah, yanked it out of my hands after screaming “ No news. Tv stays off”

So many thoughts ran through my head as Hannah glared at me. Why was the most occurring thought. Why did Hannah, the sister who always ran into the living room and immediately plopped on the couch and turned the tv on say no? Why wasn’t I allowed to turn the television on? Why didn’t mom or dad say that I could put the news on?

“Why?” I screamed at Hannah

“ Because” Hannah screamed back directly after.

“Because what?” I started “why can’t I just put on the tv.”

“You wouldn’t get it” she responded angrily.

I knew I would get it. I always did. I opened my mouth to respond but mom interrupted.

“Quit it, both of you. But seriously no new.” mom said looking worried.

“Why isn’t she home yet?” Will asked.

“She’s had to work late before don’t worry”  dad responded even though it showed in his eyes that, that wasn’t true.

“But…” Will started before being cut off by Hannah.

“Stop it Will, stop asking questions.” She said while simultaneously staring at my worried face.

That was it, I had enough! I had enough of people just ignoring the world h around us, just ignoring the war. I just got up and left to go to my room. But as I got up my mom grabbed my hand. But I broke free from her grasp and ran straight to my room.

“Will, go to your room, Hannah you too.” dad said, or at least I think I couldn’t hear perfectly from my room.

I must have been right because when I peeked out my door I saw Will’s and Hannah's doors shut. Then, I heard one more door shut, mom and dad’s. The house was dead quiet wet again. I assumed the news was still on. I decided to watch it anyways, who cares if I'm not watching it with Will, Hannah, mom, and dad I just need to know what's next in Hitler's line of fire. As I crept down stairs and into the living room I saw the front door open and Olivia walk through.

“Hi” she said when she saw me as if she hadn't been out all night.

The house was dead quiet one last time. 
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