Oct 28
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I was in paris. I was visiting my papa and meme and it was the first time they let me go to there bakery alone.  I was walking through Rue Herbert and I, could have sworn that the street lights waved at me. Rue Hebert  is where my papa memes bakery was. That is when I saw the rouge

building it was called La boulangerie de la reine, my papa says “it is fit for a queen.”I definitely agree,

There macarons are the best. Meme was baking in the chambre a l’arriere, when I came in she said

“Salut pinelopi voulezous quciqes tartes?” she doesn't know english only papa dose but I am lucky because I know french. “Oui” I say. Meme says “ il sur le comptoir.” oui I say. I walk over to the comptoir and there is the tartes and a box the box says vous aime tellement puneiply ceci est pour quard nous parti. I open the box inside is a anteq compass written into the compass are the words together forever and ever and never give up for this compass will show the whey. I went back to the room but-papa says “sorry sweety we never meant to scare you. It’s not us it's our bakery it’s going out of bisus”. I say “no I will not let it happen tomorrow I will have a solution.” You may try but don’t get your hopes up” papa says. “To late” I say as I run to our house. I had my compass. I went in our jaune houseI ran up our beautiful stars onto my landing my floor I skit across the birch wood floor I ran into my room and stared search. At last I found it I found a acking competition. The next morning I ran done to the kitchen and meme and papa what I had found it was the british bake off junior. It was that day and they accepted me. I started to pack. I made it I can save our bakery and by us a new refrigerator. “The battle will begin and you must make you best dish you have one hour to accomplish this shing start now” said the lady. I looked at my compass it pointed to the ingredients I needed I started to bake. “The winner is pinelopi!” I scream and dance I just one 10,000 dollars we saved the bakery we saved our home we did it.
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