Oct 28
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I opened my window ready to go outside to go see if I can go to the treehouse.I have a treehouse that is hidden under all the branches and I am the only one that knows about it.I slowly throw the rope I made out the window and tie it to  the window sill.I slowly and carefully climb down onto the oak tree.I jump down with a quiet clonk.I go to the garage and get my fathers motercycle.My bike broke so I decied to take it while my bike was in the shop.i silently put the helmet on my head and start the engine.I rolled down the driveway into the rode.I drove to this little place that said NO TRESPASSING.
I smiled to myself,knowing that I am the only one in this forest because I put these things called a Sound Tracker that if somebody walks at least a mile from in it sends signals to my phone and then I figure out.If they go near my tree house a bell go´s of and  it makes a police car sound.I put the sign up,so  no one would come.I drove down the rode to a big tree that looks like a oak,maple,combined.there was a little hole that I dug under the bush next to it and the whole has dirt stairs.It go under the tree and up inside of it.For some reason the tree is still alive even though there is a huge hole through the middle.I climb up to this little building I made and it's impossible to see from the sky or ground.I look around remembering stealing all the objects and all the trouble I went through.There is soap,blankets,clothes,boots,food,pianos,a hamster,hamster food,a bed,couch,table and a little window.There is everything.I took out my phone and plopped on the couch I started texting my friend named Elly.I heard sirens and looked out the window.I actually saw the police cars that sped in the dierection of my house.¨I hope nothing's going on at my  house¨ I worry.I sit for atleast another 10 minutes and then I get up and go down the homemade stairs I made.
I park the motorcycle and run to my window.I climb the rope and I climb over the window sill.The house was dead quiet. I opened my door and tiptoed down the stairs to the kitchen and I turn the lights on dim.I scream so loud a mirror falls off the wall.There are two bodies on the floor.I run out the door and run to the garage.I open the door and get out the motorcycle.¨I am never going back again.¨ I whispered.I turn on the headlights and drive down the road.I glide to my friends house.Kylie opens the door and she pulls me inside.¨Why are you shaking so hard?¨ She wonders.I tell her the whole story.¨Oh that's horrible!¨ I told her that I am going to go to my aunt's house and she lives in Florida.(That's 4 states over from where I live.) he invites me to sleep over tonight and I say yes.I sleep on the couch but I can't actually fall asleep.I stay up for the whole night until when Kylie comes down stairs I'm gone.
The motorcycle speeds down the interstate and I drove to the National Airport.(It's only for passengers.)I buy a ticket and I jump onto the plane,leaving behind my motorcycle.I wait and eventually the plane starts moving.¨Nobody told me this plane go 500 MILES AN HOUR!!¨ I scream.¨Well duh,it's a 247 plane.¨ A teenager says. I see my aunt's house under us and I jump up and take the biggest risk of my life.I jump of the plane I have a parachute but still.I scream so loud I can´t hear anything around me. I try to turn so I land closer to my aunt's house but I dont´t.I turn,turn,turn and I suddenly land on a roof.I jump down and I ran to a auto shop.I ask where Lilas Inlet lives.”Right down the street dn take a left.”I run out and I run down the road and take a left.Just like said,there is a big beautiful house.I ran inside and see a beautiful lady with long hair and long eyelashes.”Aunty!!”She runs over and gives me a hug.I sit on the couch with her and I tell her everything.”Oh dear,I’m so sorry.” Then she cuddles on the couch with me.I finally have a safe home.
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