Oct 28
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Ninjas. There on my tail a knife goes flying past my head. I hate being the bait especially ninja bate with all those swords and knifes and staffs and nunchucks. That isn’t even the worst this month! Lights, the nuclear reactor I have to stop it from going off if it does i’m dead they're dead where all dead which is very dumb because there gonna die as well. I run into a house and hide the house is quiet, dead quiet I think i've lost them but then I reconsider their ninjas then I see one point to the door through the crack of the cabinet and he goes out the door and see others following then I see them run down the street through the door. Suddenly i’m unconscious and the last second I feel numb and cold. I know what's coming.
I woke up in a dark room. When I just remember I have a knife on me i’m strapped into a chair just able to reach my pocket and I got my knife in a matter of seconds and the strap on my waist is cut. I lay in a chair looking where to go and where I am. I look straight ahead and see a shadow i’m scared but then it changes into anger I don’t know how or why but I let it come over me and I run straight for it with my knife in hand and i’m on top of it and hear a scream enter my ear it's a man I and his strength is overcoming my own so I run and I see a light and I run into it wondering what it is and as I walk into it no sense of where I am i’m gone. I’m outside and I see unconscious people on the ground than I see a sword, a katana really. I call Ashtyn. He can shut this down. I call some backup to give me and ashtan time to break the code. Ashtyn says, logan fight them off for me until backup shows up i'll be in the main terminal shutting the weppen off. Backups here and I go find Ashtyn I see a older man coming at him and intercept it and Ashtyn says he had to blow the weppen up so he did and then I think this is it. I’m not going to make and a bright light comes and it’s not the weppen it’s the explosions it’s my time and then i’m gone.    
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