Oct 30
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The Brave Trick Or Treater

It was a dark and stormy halloween this year. Almost no one had show up this year for trick or treating this year because of the weather. About 5 days before Halloween a mysterious company started pollution like crazy. No one knows who the mysterious company is. So the weather started getting worse and worse until a giant storm covered the whole earth and rain started to plummet down on earth. The government had tried to find out what the mysterious company was but they had stopped the smoke so they couldn't find them. So naturally there was not that many trick or treater this year. But trick or treating had always been one of Billy's favorite things to do so he roughed the weather and went out. His parents had been hesitant of course but Billy had been very persuasive. When Billy was walking too another house mad because one person had called him mad he saw a old lady. He wondered why she was out in the pouring rain. So he walked over to her and asked her why she was in the rain. She answered “ I was waiting for someone to ask me, why I was standing in the rain.”

“ Why would you do that,” Asked Billy.

“ Because no one really cares for people now. Ten years ago everyone would of helped me.”  

“ Wow, that is crazy” Said Billy in astonishment. Billy was trying to think why no one would help the old lady.

“ I guess people are just not as nice as they were.”

“ Would you like to come in my house and have cookies and tea with me?”

“ Sure I would love too. There isn't that many houses with candy out this year.” So Billy walked with the old lady too her house. Billy stopped when saw where they were headed.

“ The old Dutton house, that place is haunted.”  Then he remembered the story of the Dutton House. There was an old lady who hunted the place. He had seen a picture of the lady and she looked familiar. She was the lady he was following. That was why no one had seen her in the last ten years because she had become a ghost. He started running and never looked back.