Nov 10
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The Murder of The Band Mystery

As I walk into the town, I see that no lights are on and there are no people walking outside. It’s just me. It’s 12am, so I’m not to concerned. I’ll come back later when everyone is awake. 
10am. I’m back. But still, there are no people. Where is everyone? Then I start to hear it, the band playing down the street. At least someone's awake. As I head down the street, the music gets louder until finally, as I’m standing in front of the door leading to the music, my ears start to feel like they’ll explode. I open the door and the music stops. Standing in front of me are five guys each holding an instrument. I walk closer to talk to them and I realize that their shirts each have red spots right in the middle. Then I realize, that they aren't breathing. I look behind them, and I see a dark stairwell. I start walking down, only to find that it abruptly stops at a wall. I turn around and start walking up the stairs again. While walking up the stairs, I see a bloody knife. When I reach outside, I see a line of people waiting outside. Four of them are crying, each women. Another woman, just starting to cry, was walking up to the line of people. 
“Who did this?” I ask. 
“It was her!” says the first woman, pointing at the third woman.  
“No it was her!” says the third woman, pointing at the fifth woman. 
“I believe it was that woman,” says the fifth woman, rather calmly, pointing at the second woman.
“Why are you lying? It was her!” says the second woman, pointing at the fourth woman. 
“She was always jealous of the band’s popularity! She did it!” says the fourth woman, pointing at the first woman. 
Can you help me find out who killed the five men? Let's go over our clues. There was a dark stairwell that probably leads to somewhere. In there, we found a bloody knife. When we came out, the first woman started accusing. But the fifth woman was rather calm. Let's find some new clues. We should probably check out their knifes, see if any are missing. 
“May I investigate your kitchen, ladies?” 
“Why?” asks the fifth lady. 
“The murder weapon was a knife. I need to see if any of your knifes are missing. Unless, you want to turn yourself in.”
“You may,” says the second woman. 
The first woman’s kitchen has all of it’s knifes in it’s place. The second woman’s kitchen looks like it hasn’t been touched in years. The fourth woman’s kitchen has been used more recently, so most of the knifes are in the sink. The fifth woman’s kitchen has all of it’s knifes, but when I was walking in, one of the floorboards moved. I picked it up, and it seemed to have a ladder leading down to the stairway behind the five murdered men. The fourth woman had a knife missing. 
“I didn't kill them! I would never kill them! It was her!” the fourth woman says pointing at the fifth woman. “She was over at my house yesterday and asked to borrow my knife! She has a ladder leading to the stairway behind them, and she wasn't in front of the building when you walked out, she was coming around the corner!”
That's when the fifth lady started to run. 
“I told you!” the fourth woman said as I ran after the fifth woman. 
“Someone stop her!” 
A man walks out of the murder scene just as the fifth woman is running past it, and they bump into each other. The man sees me running after her and grabs her until I get there. 
“I’m am arresting you for murder of five men. You have the right to remain silent,” I say as I arrest her. 
“He was getting so famous. He didn't spend any time with me and the kids,” the woman says crying. 
“I’m sorry, but murder is not the way out of these things. This case is closed.”
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