Nov 11

One Frosty Fall Morning

I remember walking to school in 5th grade, on a frosty Fall morning. It was just an ordinary morning, walking to school by myself. Or at least it was, until I heard the music. It was almost as crisp as the air around me, and the rhythm slowly wormed it's way past my ears, and into my heart, warming my soul.  I veered off my normal path to school, following the tantalizing sound of the music. As I was following the music, I started pondering who made this music. They must be a famous musician of some sorts, playing in a studio. As I walked by an alley, I heard the music louder than ever. As I peered in down the alley, I found an old man, smiling and playing the beautiful music on a small drum set. He looked up at me and smiled as he said these words that I will never forget: “Don’t judge a person before you’ve seen what they can do.”