Nov 14
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Funk Sound

One day I was sitting In class looking at the clock tick toc tick toc. RING! Yes It´s finally Friday. Oh right I forgot to tell you. I'm going to a friends house for a birthday party! Guess what you won't believe It they are having a dj! Yep blasting music all night pretty great right. Wait where Is Lizzie? Lizzie Is my friend the one that I'm going to her birthday party. I'm going to her house after school. Wait what bus Is she? Oh she is on the other side of the hall. I quickly walked across the hall. Lizzie I'm over here what bus are you? ¨Number 5” She said. Ok thanks save a spot for me. Then I got back In my classroom with all my classmates. We start walking to the buses. I walk to bus 5. Lizzie Lizzie i'm over here I say. She came and sat down the bus started moving then we finally get to her house.

    ¨What should we do first?¨ Oh I know what about decorating. ¨YES I forgot!¨ She said. We made some decorations. What time is everyone coming? ¨4:00pm.¨ She replied.  Oh It's 4:00. The first person arrived. Its Jade! First we waited outside for other people. Finally everyone came.  We played soccer then we got tired and we watched some tv. Then we played water balloons. We were soaking wet. So we went upstairs. IT´S ALMOST DARK THE DJ SHOULD BE HERE! We all ran down the stairs to the the backyard and the dj was setting up. YAY! We played monkey In the middle until the dj was ready.

There were flashing lights and music. The first song was a drums and stuff. We did not know the song.I requested the top song. Its called Closer. Every started singing as loud they could when It came on. We played all different songs all night. But the dj had to go. We were all tired by dancing and singing.

Goodnight I said has we were in are tent outside. Goodnight everyone said. This was the best birthday party ever.(Ps I think I'm sleeping on a rock)
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