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            THE NEW PLANET
    One day a man named Joe was going to blast off from Earth into space to search Jupiter. Then his captain told him there was a delay on his mission because it was to dangerous to search a planet with a big red dot. So he sent him to a plant that was new. Since he was the first guy to go there he got to name it,he decided to name it….

“America,” he yelled.

“In 3..2..1 blast off,” when he got in space the new planet was right there so he put the coordinates in and went down to the plant so called America. The planet was green, it smelled like new shoes, it had oceans and forests, it was smooth with some rocky spots, and was so peaceful. He soon found a cave that was glowing. The glowing was coming from this animal that was big, hairy, fat, had a shiny coat, it had a feather on its head, looked scared, it had a mixture of different colors on it. It looked like a giant bird but wasn't.

So he went to get a better look and it was a guy he was native he wasn't armed (thankfully). When he went to go put a flag on the land he found a village. So he stayed never to return to Earth never again (only because he got married had kids and because he loved that world). He had two kids named Vick and Cris that were 6 and 7 that would soon become warriors to protect there land. They lived in an enormous house. He had to fix it a little. Surprisingly they had TV, internet, cars, phones every thing Earth would have (they even had a president named Mich).

                THE END…

                Or is it I’m kidding it is.

P.S. The with’s name was Malissa.
P.P.S. The world was really warm.
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