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Beyond the stars, galaxies and galaxies away there is a world. This world is nothing like any other world. The whole planet is covered in a thick blanket of snow. The hottest it ever gets is 5 degrees. Every couple of years though, there is a huge blizzard which keeps the planet in a blanket of snow. On this planet there are only pine trees. The pine trees grow everywhere. On the banks of steep mountains or on the snow covered ground. But since it is so cold on this planet the pine trees aren’t even green like normal pine trees. They are blue, purple or completely white! The mountains on this planet can grow to 85,000 feet. That makes it so you can see them in space!
    But that isn’t all that’s on this planet. There is also vicious beasts. They roam the planet looking for prey. These animals are prehistoric. Some have claws that reach as long as 8ft long. Some of the animals have razor sharp teeth sharp enough to cut a tree down just by tapping it. The largest animal of all is the Sereack. (Sear-ack) The Sereac has a jaw that can crush an iron bar like a toothpick. All of these animals hunt tiny rabbits that are as white as the snow. That’s what makes them so hard to find. But the animals on the planet have extremely good eyesight so they can catch a rabbit very easily. Since the temperature can reach to negative 185 all of the animal's on the planets fur can be 2 feet thick! That’s as thick as a human toddler.
    Not only are there deadly animals on this planet, there are also deadly bugs. The bugs are called assassins. These bugs are so small that you can’t even see them. Bugs live for only one week because the planet is so cold. So they give birth to their young on the pine trees on the world. They jump off the trees when an animal walks by and pinches the animals that live on the planet. They cover the trees too. Every inch of it is covered in them. When an animal walks by they latch on to them. They dig thru the animals fur until they reach the skin. Then they eat away at the animal’s skin until they are inside the animal. Once there they release toxic gas that can kill the animal by poisoning their brain cells. These bugs also can kill the tree they are living on. Also, the bugs eat the skin from the animal when they dig thru them.
    Since this planet is not in our galaxy you can’t see it. But now you know that it is there. From its harsh climate to it’s deadly creatures, from its below zero temperature to it’s assassin like bugs this planet is positively one of the most dangerous places on earth.
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