Nov 14
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Funk Sound

“This song is always on” I complained one day while we drove to school and I flipped through the radio stations trying to find a new song.

    “So, it’s a good song” My sister Jade started “so just listen to it”

    “Jade don’t you ever just want something new to listen to instead of hearing Thriller over and over again” I replied

“But I like the song”

“But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a song out there that’s as good if not better”

This is how our morning always starts: Jade saying that it doesn't get better than Thriller while I try to find something new.

“FINE” I screamed “I guess the world isn’t ready for something new, something that is truly amazing”

“You mean like Thriller” Jade said to me

“Thriller isn’t new though”

I knew I had her there. Thriller is so old, about a year and a half. From then till we got out of the car.

“You may be right about Thriller being old, but you’re wrong about needing new music.” Jade said.

“Or am I,” I responded before walking away so she couldn't respond.

While study hall, I came up with a plan to finally get new music. It involved me and a weekly contest.

“This song is amazing, almost better than  Thriller,” my best friend Lucy said to me one day while listening to the radio.

“Yeah, I can't wait to hear next week's winner’s song,” I responded to Lucy who was yet to know that I was the mystery song writer who had submitted.

Next week I submitted another song to my favorite radio station who does the weekly contest with the prize of showing the winner’s song on air. This time I submitted a song so unique that it has no chance of winning but I know one of the guys who chooses.

“Please” I begged into the phone hoping my dad’s friend (the guy who chooses the winning song) would chose my song

“I can’t do that, I’m sorry” he replied “But if it’s the best then I can, but”

“But, I’m trying to prove a point, that no matter how new and different a song is, you need to give it a chance, it may surprize you”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” he sighed “but just this once.”

“Thank you, I’ll repay you I promise”

Next week, me and Jade we’re listening to the radio together and my song came on. I was waiting for this moment all week, the moment where she would start giving new music a chance. I glaced at her. Hoping, waiting for her response to a new style of music that might change her mind about Thriller. As the song went on she seemed to hum a little more, sway back and forth a little more, but no response. No response, she didn’t respond to what I thought could be Thriller’s replacement ( if people gave it a chance.)  

“Cool song,” I said trying to get her opinion out of her.


Just ya. All she said as a response was ‘ya’. I waited for a minute. I stared at her face, waiting for a facial expression that said she loved this song. Nothing. I got nothing from her face. I looked at her lips waiting for them to move. Nothing. Nothing, again. I got Nothing. But then something happened that made so I didn’t care what Jade thought of my song.

“This next song is a new Michael Jackson song that he covered from one of the winners of our weekly contest, here it is,” the radio said.

Then, my song came on. The song I wrote for the contest. The song that made me beg my dad’s friend to chose. The song I wrote to make a point. At that moment I realized that my message was received, received by Micheal Jackson. Michael Jackson understood my message and made it into his as well. At that moment I knew that there would never be one song played over and over again. At that moment I knew the world was ready for something new.   

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