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The year is 9016, 700 years, from 2016. You, are a volunteer, heading for the newly discovered goldilocks planet, Clayia. You are in your seat, belted in safely. The loudspeaker turns on: “5...4...3...2………….1! BLAST OF!” Your ship blasts off into oblivion, at 200,000,000 light years per second. In 12 minutes, you’re there. You won’t need a space suit, it has air, and an atmosphere, and, for the first time ever, life. As you step off the ship, excitement is building up inside you.
The air is has the smell of an old, old cabinet, that has not been opened for so long, gluey smell, and rusty. You look down, the ground is blue. You rub your feet against it, so rough, like a rug, that has not been washed for centuries. The plants are not flowers or trees, just small red bushes, the ground seems completely flat, and barren. A small, yellow mouse like animal comes scurrying towards you. When it shows it’s teeth, you jump.
    Gleefully, you notice, that you are floating, as if you were on the moon. The difference biggest between Clayia, and Earth, is gravitation, on Clayia, there is almost no gravity. You see water, glimmering in the light of the 3 suns. You look into the sunset, all you  see is a flat, blue line, red bushes dotted all over, barren land, except for one thing, a cave. Two yellow eyes, stare out of it. A small, cat like animal, creeps out. “eeee-eeee…” It screeches. It walks toward you, screeching, the whole way. You have decided to venture into the blue dessert, to find things to bring back to the scientists.
You walk miles, but you are careful to bring a first aid kit, and a sleeping bag, etc, all in your backpack. You find a couple of rocks to take back, but nothing else. The cat you saw, was only a kitten. A giant cat monster walks towards you, 4 feet above your head. “EEEEEEE!” Just like the little cat. It opens it’s mouth, rows of razor sharp teeth. So you run, or float anyway, faster, much faster than you ever, ever have before. You got a head start, but the cat is right behind you. You finally get to the cave, you run in, not knowing that this, was the cat’s cave. You find a nook to hide in, and you see that the little cat, is waiting for it’s mother.
The big cat walks in, it is getting dark out. They lay down and sleep, before leaving, you take a picture of the two gargantuan cats, then you creep out, tiptoeing. You run to the ship, breaking the silence that fills the night. You climb into your ship, buckle the many seat belts. Then turn it on, and drive away, at 200,000,000 light years per second. When you land, you tell the scientists, you show the picture, you give the rocks. Maybe people will someday inhabit that land, and you will live there.

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