Nov 17


Shirley was a normal 20 year old woman. She had a job at an office in the city, and was walking to work when she had the accident that changed her life. As she was walking to her workplace, a court in NYC, the bus came. Little did the driver know, the brakes on the bus had a severe crack in the disc. As Shirley was crossing the street, the bus came hurtling towards her, and as the driver hit the brakes, the disc shattered as the bus slammed into her. Some of the wiring wrapped around her, giving her a severe shock. As this incident happened, the force and the wiring caused three things to happen to her. the shock gave her incredible reflexes and supercharged her heart, while the force turned her weak muscles stronger, as it impacted them together. After a month in the hospital, given her newfound abilities, Shirley decided she had better things to do than be a lawyer. Soon, she got a phone call.  Down in Philly, there were many gang fights, and one of the gangs, The Urban Leopards. They were in need of someone to help end their intense fight, and fast. Many people were dying, and the other gang, The Thorny Devils, would not give up until every single Leopard was DEAD. Willing to help Shirley got on the train to Philadelphia, and set forth into the unknown.  90 minutes later, Shirley stepped off the train with three things in her bag: a notebook, a picture, and a loaded handgun. As Shirley stepped of the platform, she thought to herself: Let the games begin.
To be continued...