Dec 09


I am who I want to be,
And I am what I say.
My words flow past my tongue
And they hiss through my teeth without hesitation.
They pass through my lips,
And they travel through the wind like dandelion fluff,
Changing the landscape around them into beautiful weeds
And scattering through the minds of careless and careful people.
Someone once told me that the air we breathe can transform into words,
Which can form sentences,
And poems,
Which can change people.
Have I changed you for the better?
But some may not think of my words as influential.
Some may judge me for what I say,
And some may judge me for what I don’t say.
But how can you judge me if you don’t speak up for yourself.
I voice my opinions and say what I believe in,
But what do you do?
You pull me down and away from my dreams
As a downstream current in a river may do.
What is the purpose of pointing out other’s flaws when you know that you have your own?
Do you even think before you speak?
What is the point of words that are only meant to hurt?
Is the only point of their existence to cause destruction inside someone’s mind?
To mentally break them down piece by piece?
Or is the reason for their being to make someone stronger through harsh words thrown at them?
I know that I don’t get stronger the more I hear them.
Do I even want to build a resistance to the harsh words that come from your abhorrent mind.
Should I block you out?
Or hear you out, because kindness should be shown to all, no matter how cruel they may be?
When you hear someone talking,
What first comes to mind?
The stutter or the lisp they may have?
The accidental grammar mistake that no one would have noticed except you?
And don’t say, “No offense”
Because that doesn’t change what you say after?
An insult cannot be sugarcoated,
And if you feel the need to make someone smaller,
Maybe I feel sorry that you want to feel so big.
Maybe I want to apologize because I don’t know what happens in your life.
I don’t know what causes you to be that way,
And I hope that someday
You’ll change into a better person because of the words I say.