Dec 16

The Creature I'm Meant to Be

So I took this test
to see what my spirit animal is.
I thought
that I would be a
horse, or a dolphin.
But I got
a pug.
I don't know why,
but I did.

My personality
versus a pug's
is different.
I understand 
some reasons why
I would be this adorable beast.

I am friendly
I am barely ever in a mood other than happy,
just kidding.
I get sad sometimes
and angry.
I can forget things quickly
but also keep things 
in mind
I like being a leader.
But also following behind.
I enjoy my little toys.
And some food.

I am also blonde.
But I will not eat anything
I do not like.

Then I took a different quiz.
Same concept.
But then I got donkey?
I'm confused.
I thought I could only be one type of animal.
But it's okay.

I like the animals I have been chosen to be.
Because I guess they are the creatures I'm meant to be.