Dec 19
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Talking Sound

    One busy friday night at the restaurant where little little brown mouse was waiting for her mother to bring back her food she got so curious about the mumbling and chattering sounds outside her door she knew she had to go investigate herself. She couldn’t stand remembering what mother had said when she wanted to gather food with her: you’ll get squashed out there. Humans are ferocious beasts. You are not to go outside till you are old enough. Those lines were like a replay of terror in her head over and over again. But still she had to go investigate herself. It’s like something was pulling her out there. She knew what she was going to do.

    One poke of her head and little brown mouse would be crossing the line mama made for her to not go past. Then she took one look back home just incase she never would come back. After that she took a leap that felt like she was crossing the berlin wall. Then she was free free of mamas orders free of doing homework free of her little hole free of everything except the noise of the busy restaurant and people who have no liking in mice.

She scampered around just for fun. But when she heard the sound of heels coming toward her. She wanted to become a rock. She ran away from the danger and right into a kind gentlemens arms. He let out a horse little laugh then scooped up poor little brown mouse. What should I call you said the man. I’m thinking poppy he murmured to himself. And so the little brown mouse was taken home and cared for away from the old noisy restaurant. Then from that day on little poppy lived happily ever after.
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