Dec 19
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    I had a really weird dream last night. I was walking around in this abandoned, snowy street, and then this cat just jumped right out of a window and landed on its hind legs. A bird was chasing the cat. In my dream I must of been looking for something, because I didn't seem to care about the cat or the bird. I just kept walking and walking through what seemed to be a maze of alleyways, until I reached this door that said Do not disturb. The letters were painted in a really dark black. I went inside the door and the house was abandoned, Except for an old dirty couch. It had a bunch of dust on it. I walked over to the couch and then all of a sudden, big fat bees started to come out of the cushions. They were starting to swarm around me. I screamed and then that was when my dream ended.

    My eyes opened so fast that the bright sun-light shining through the window made me shut them tight. I blinked to try to make the black dots go away. My mom called up to me and said “Hannah! Breakfast is ready.” “I moaned, got out of bed, got dressed and went downstairs. It smelled like roasted bacon, eggs and pancakes. I smiled at the yummy smell. “Hey mom, when is breakfast going to be ready?” “In just a few minutes.” She answered back to me. I sat down and stared out the window that was by the table. It looked like it had snowed about 2 inches since yesterday. Looking at the white ground made me think about my dream the night before, and the big fat bees that swarmed me. I shaked my head to push away the bad thoughts.

“I made your favorite!” Mom says excitedly while giving me my plate of food. “Thank you”, I tell her. I didn't know before how hungry I was since I was so caught up in my own thoughts. So I start shoveling food into my mouth. Mom sits down next to me and asks, “So, did you sleep well last night?” “I had a really weird dream.” I said. “Oh, tell me about it!” She demands. “Nah, it was just a dream.” “Well if you insist.” She says. “Hey, Hannah, I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping today.” “That would be great.” I say. “All right, I will get the car warmed up, you just finish your breakfast, ok?” “Ok.” I shovel the rest of my breakfast into my mouth then get into my coat, and head outside. It is really cold, so I jog to the car.


    As we head out the driveway, my mom asks, “Hannah, do you want to go shopping for clothes, or books?” “Umm, do we have time for both?” “Sure do.”  While I am waiting the twenty minutes to the bookstore, I play with the contents in my little mini purse that I had got for my birthday a couple months ago. I mostly play on my new Phone that I also got for my birthday. Once we get to the ally that the library is down, I hop out of the car and start thinking about what book I am going to check out. I haven't been to the library in a long time, or at least that is what my mom has told me. She also says that it is very old. We start to walk down the alley, and I don't see any library, just old windows and curtains flapping around in them. So I ask mom, “I don't see the library anywhere.” “Oh, that is because we have to walk down a waze, and then take a couple of turns.”

    “But why do we have to walk, when we can drive? And why do we have to go to this library, can't we just go to another?” “Well, Hannah, this alley way isn't big enough to fit cars, and there isn't another library within 50 miles here. So this is the only one.” “Oh, right” So we keep walking, and it seemed like forever until we get there, and when mom said that we were going to make a few turns, I don't think that she ment 10. (Trust me, I counted). The library has a sign on it that says Closed, Sorry in big black letters. This reminds me of my dream for some reason, but I can't remember that much of it, so I don't know which part it reminds me of. “Oh well, I guess that we will just have to go shopping for clothes today.” My mom says. “Yea.” I say back. We turn around and make our way back through the alleyways.

    After a while, we turn a corner, then a boy jumps out of one of the windows in a building, and lands on a big pile of boxes. Then a woman is behind him shooing him off with a broom. As I look back at the boy on the boxes, I see that he has a bundle of food that he must of stole from the whomen. Then all of a sudden he jumps, on me, and everything goes dark.

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