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Talking Sound


Day 738 I’ve been in Terezin for 738 days and it’s been 812 days since the Nazis invaded Prague and sent all of us jewish people to Terezin. Im only 11 years old and i’ve been here for two years of my life i’m in room L47 and my name is Tony. room L47 is for kids in the range from 9 to 14. I have a lot of friends all room L47 AKA Nesharim and Fraza is our teacher/parent.

                        Terezin 1914

Earlier we heard gunshots and we were told that Nazi soldiers were retreating from the Allies and they were firing into Terezin for target practice. But me and Misha are disobeying that direction and were out side watching the Nazi soldiers fire at people they’re not firing at us because we are hiding behind a bush. So far the Nazis have only shot 13 people 6 dead 7 injured. “I really think we should get inside Tommy”

“No” I retorted

“Tommy I think they see us”

“No they don-”


“RUUUUUN!!” i screamed at the top of my lungs as we scrambled back to room L47.

“Go go go get inside”

“Okay i think were safe”

“What were you boys doing outside when I told you to stay inside”

“Sorry Fraz-”

“Sorry isn’t enough you could of gotten shot”

“We're very sorry Fraza”

“Wait don’t go i’m sorry for being so hard on you I just didn’t want to lose another Nesharim”

“I understand Fr-”


We all rush to the window and look outside the allied planes arrived and they're bombing the retreating Nazis.

“Were free” Fraza yelled then everyone joined in

“We're free we're free we're free we're free we’re free” and so on many more times. Until the allied tanks rolled in and we rushed outside all 56 Nesharim trying to get out the door at the same time.
“the allied tanks divers are throwing candy!” one of the 56 Nesharim yelled above all the chatter at that moment all the Nesharim stopped talking and ran over to the allied tank and soon as they got the candy they sucked on it they they never had candy before.

                    The End

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