Dec 19
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Talking Sound

    One day a family went out to dinner the restaurant was 200 main street. They had 2 children they were both boys. When they got there the kids just played on there IPads. Then they ordered their food they both wanted pizza then they started fighting over to toping. Then there mom made them just get cheese pizza.

    When the food came they ate in down like a crocodile.Then they got all the sauce on them and their Ipads they got must of the piazza on their shirt. Then they went to the bathroom to clean there self. But there was already someone in the bathroom so they could not go in. They started to jump around and they got pizza sauce on the floor. Then when the guy came out he slipped and fell then the guy got mad and the boys just ran in the bathroom so they didn't get yelled at.

    They got out of the bathroom and they still had one piece of pizza then they yelled food fight a started to through the pizza when everyone was just eating so politely you could hear forks hitting the plate. Then everyone sitting at the  tables left and did not pay there bill everyone left as fast as they could because they did not want to get their clothes dirty. Then their parent had enough and they went home then they had to go up stairs to their rooms and be in there for all night and tomorrow

The Next day they asked if they could come out of there rooms but there parents said no so they sat there and did nothing for the whole day.  

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