Dec 19
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Talking Sound

My name is Clara and I am 18 years old. I work at a restaurant called “Mama Mia Pizzeria”.  Me and my family own it we live in the upstairs compartment. We are weren't a very popular at restaurant, until one day when all of this changed.
    The other restaurant in this town was so popular and busy they needed a new building to have enough seats for more people. The first day I looked out my bedroom window. I hear yels and see big construction machines parked and moving trucks carrying benches, chairs, tables, and things for cooking.They were going to rebuild.

    The second day there were 5 families at our restaurant at the same time. I went up to one copel and handed them the check book. I was about to turn around and go back to the kitchen but before I could the woman said “ your food here is so good”

“Thanks” I replied and started walking back to the kitchen with the money in my head. The day when fast and each day got busier and busier because the other restaurant in town was under construction.

    Every day we got more and more customers and that's means more money. My mother and I were so happy. Now my mom was able to pay all the bills on time. Every friday night we hear everyone talking and forks hitting plates. I might be working constantly but I am grateful.

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