Dec 19
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Talking Sound

    Hello. Hi. How are you. Conversation starters continues to echo around in my ear, coming from adults scattered throughout the concert grounds. So loud compared to the quietness of the tour bus.

I start looking around, trying to find my mother somewhere hiding in the craziness of a Grateful Dead show. I glance at the stage only to see my father playing his guitar while singing one of his favorite songs to sing, Bertha.

Then I notice mom dancing on the ground below him. As I walk down the stairs to meet her, the  crowd starts screaming “Jerry, Jerry” or singing along to the song “Bertha don't you come around here anymore.” Luckily I learned my way around a crowd when I was very little. With the memories of concerts on replay in my head I start dancing down the stairs and toward mother.

“There you are, Jade” my mom stated.

“Yeah, I know I’m late. But…” I  tried responding before being interrupted by mom.

“No buts you promised me you won't sit in the tour bus this entire tour”

“Mom, stop worrying. I'll carry through with my promise”

“You only have to come to three more concerts if you want to carry through with your promise of coming to five”

“I get it!”

Mom looked at as if she was mad but then quickly switched emotions. Bertha ended and a new song started.

“Mom, is it to much to ask to be able to read because I’ve been to almost  all of dad’s shows” I countered.

“Is it to much to ask for you to have a few experiences” mom responded

She got me there and she knew that, so I stopped talking. But I didn’t stop listening. I continued to listen to the music that I thought I didn’t like.

As I listened to my dad sing “Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart, you just gotta poke around” I poked around the concert grounds till I saw the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. As my dad sang “Men smart, but the women are smarter. That’s right, the women are smarter” I studied the stage and the amazing lighting job the stage manager did. As my dad sung “What about young Anna Leigh” I ran into a young girl, around my age.

After the song Fire On The Mountain I decided to make my way back to my mom. Finally, I reached my mom down in the pit. Then not long after, the concert ended and mom and I left to go back to the tour bus to meet up with dad. Later that night, I was about to fall asleep realizing how right mom was about having experiences and seeing the world. I fell asleep knowing that I had a day filled with beautiful views, light shows as amazing to watch as the northern lights flickering, meeting wonderful, kind-hearted people.  
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